Book Review: The Girl Who Disappeared by Vikrant Khanna

Where is Nisha?

The author of the bestselling book ‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much’, Vikrant Khanna, on this valentine’s day came up with his new release ‘The Girl Who Disappeared’. The story in the beginning is very interesting, really a page turner. The main characters Nisha and Rishi, a couple, are heading to the Writer’s hill, a tourist place in Himachal Pradesh for some peace and safety because of some events that occurred in the past few days and Nisha knew something terrible was going to happen. In the Writer’s Hill they got to meet Monica & Roy (another couple), Meena (a blind girl) and her parents Babu & Moni (The Caretakers) and Anand (a writer). One night in an unusual way and under a supernatural circumstance Nisha disappears. All of the characters have their own secrets and stories, which unfolds as the story progresses.

The writing style is simple and easy going, the pace of the story in the beginning is great, full on intriguing, the supernatural elements makes the story more interesting to read but as the story progresses the supernatural part which seemed to be exciting in the beginning, later on becomes just a drag. I thought the little girl Meena, who claims she can see things, will get to play a major role but it goes in vain, if she would have done something by seeing things it could have given the story a new dimension. Towards the end it seemed as the writer is in some hurry because many parts remain hanging in the middle without any proper closure. Also, one of the characters Avni, is shown to be violent and weird but why was she like that has never been cleared.So many questions but no answers.
In my view the first half of the book is very well done and super engaging but the plot in the second half looses connect with the reader, could have been better than this.
Read it : If you want some light mystery read, but I warn you not to expect much.

Miss it: If you are expecting much, with an amazing plot twist.

Rating: 2/5 ⭐️⭐️

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