Book Review: Petit à Petit by Ambica Uppal

Don’t go searching outside for the magic that you so preciously hold. Just look within yourself and scratch to dig into that pot of gold.”
In tough times we need positive thoughts, which can inspire us to believe, hope and most importantly motivate us to live. Poetry can be subtly uplifting, and this book aptly justifies that.
The book Petit à Petit by Ambica Uppal is a collection of poems with beautiful illustrations done by Anika Sagar, Ashween Kaur Lamba and some of them are by the author herself.
Ambica from her life experiences, how she feels and what she learned, here, have moulded her thoughts into beautiful poems that are short, inspiring, and easy to read.
Divided into five parts, Petit à Petit is an excellent compilation of life changing and inspiring poems that motivate the readers to believe in themselves. This book encourages the readers on how to change not just their future but the present also. No beating around the bush, just the truth that will positively change how you look at your reality. I recommend this book to any reader who likes a little inspiration and joy in their life.
The most fascinating part is that each poem has been summarised in a single statement, acting as a verbal sunshine.
 Rating 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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