For a Better World.. Happy Women’s Day 2021🦋

A society where women  are treated equally. Where they can cherish  their biggest dreams and can create their greatest imagination. Where they can desire and express  their deepest thoughts.  Where they can do whatever  they want to do. Not just for a day, rather everyday. Then only this world becomes worth living. -Elysian Bookgraphy- “WhereContinue reading “For a Better World.. Happy Women’s Day 2021🦋”

You Can’t Please Everyone..

If you are here to help others,for some, you will be generous.At the same point,for some, you will be vacuous, foolish.If you are busy minding your own business, by some, you will be called greedy, selfish, or some will tag you as hardworking & laborious.So what’s the real truth?The truth is: It doesn’t matter forContinue reading “You Can’t Please Everyone..”