Listen, passerineToday I will tell you a storyof a li’l girl, Lily.An orphan,A poor illiterate lass,Who used to sell roses on the streets.Met a man one monsoon,Who got plunged in to the sludge.Its irony,Literates kept on staring,No one helped,came down runningthe illiterate Lilyfor help,Gesture touches the man’s heart.Next day,the kind man came again,and took herContinue reading “Tête-à-Tête”

Book review: Taare , banjaron ki chah me

“रुकना नहीं है हमें यहाँ.. चलते जाएं ये आसमां ले जाए जहाँ ।”  तारे, बंजारों की चाह में, कृतिका अग्रवाल द्वारा लिखित यह पुस्तक उनके विचारों और शायरियों का संग्रह है। कृतिका ने बखूभी अपनी भावनाओं को शब्दों में पिरोया है। यहाँ कवियत्री की लेखनी प्रशंसा योग्य है, उन्होंने सरल शब्दों को बेहद दिलचस्प रूप मेंContinue reading “Book review: Taare , banjaron ki chah me”

Book Review: This Boy is a Rainbow: The Storm by Sam Payne

.“why doesthe softest place on earththe heartendure the sharpest pain?” Painful yet Powerful. This boy is a rainbow: the storm, is a collection of poems about love and heartbreak. Sam here, opens up his heart in such a beautiful manner that each line will hit you hard. In fact it will make you feel theContinue reading “Book Review: This Boy is a Rainbow: The Storm by Sam Payne”

BOOK REVIEW: Lost In Wonder: Poems & Affirmations to Awaken the Soul by Matt Buonocore

Want to read a great poetry book for self help?Here it is, Lost in wonder by Matt Buonocore.I absolutely loved it. Soulful, spiritual, inspirational and beautifully written, this poetry collection has it all. An excellent piece of art.Highly recommend this to all. Rating: 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️