Weird World

The world is a weird place for residing.At times beautiful, like a wonder.At times dangerous, like thunder.Sometimes seems so small, to master.Sometimes too large, to decipher.-Elysian Bookgraphy-

Happy World Poetry Day!!

An expression.An emotion.A magical art.That beautiful painting,which is actually paintednot by colours,rather using, constructive words,by a poet.That is what is called a POETRY.-Elysian Bookgraphy Write a POEM and let your EMOTIONS flow. Wishing you all a very Happy World Poetry Day!!

Whenever I am with you..

Here I am, coy & wild, at the same time Behaving full nutsy & carefree. Actually, this is what I am, whenever I am with you. And guess what? I love it. -Elysian Bookgraphy

A little bit more…

Just for a moment, do yourself a favour today. Smile a little wider, love a little extra today. Just for a few minutes, keep your,  troubles aside. Take a break and breathe a little more, Live a little longer today. -Elysian Bookgraphy

You Can’t Please Everyone..

If you are here to help others,for some, you will be generous.At the same point,for some, you will be vacuous, foolish.If you are busy minding your own business, by some, you will be called greedy, selfish, or some will tag you as hardworking & laborious.So what’s the real truth?The truth is: It doesn’t matter forContinue reading “You Can’t Please Everyone..”


Today, once again, with my pen and paper, I sat down at my favorite spot, near the window of my flat, and began to ponder about what new I can write. Just then, saw those dry leaves falling from the tree. To where they are destined, I realized. Sometimes it is better not to decideContinue reading “Unplanned”


While watching the moon,  remembering him,  she takes a trip  down to memory lane.  Recollecting images  from the past,  she smiled; when they  were together. Concurrently, teardrops  came from her eyes, brought her  back to the present.  Where she is alone, when years have passed  since his demise. -Elysian Bookgraphy-

Do not Presume..

At times, marvellous, emotive,  Humane. At times, egregious,  Inhumane. A whole new experience, Altogether. Through the lane of words, Travel. Never surmise a book by its,  Cover. -Elysian Bookgraphy

An Unsaid Love Story

From the ages, he just keeps gazing at her. By a far distance, with all his endearment. She knows, his pure adoration & devotion. Traveller on the same boat, also she is.  It’s ironic, they can’t be one, ever. They know it, because that will be the end. Sun and Earth –  An Unsaid LoveContinue reading “An Unsaid Love Story”

Book Review: Burnt Bones And Beautiful Butterflies by Jerusha Mather

“I don’t go home to a lover I go home to a room Where memories and colours come alive Perhaps I wasn’t born for another Maybe I am wasting time within the ice-cold air I put my wet flowers in the bin The war in my heart stops” A poem straight from the heart, withContinue reading “Book Review: Burnt Bones And Beautiful Butterflies by Jerusha Mather”