Who stole the life?

If you are alive, I must say you have the most precious thingin your hand ; it is life.‘As they say, ‘Jaan hai to Jahan hai’.Now, Take a moment from your busy schedule, to Live.Yes you heard it right,To Live.Live your life.Must have forgotten, how to live?Just rushing and crushing it,Right..?Its time, its time thatContinue reading “Who stole the life?”

वो पहली बारिश…

गर्मी की उस रोज़ कमरे में बैठी किताब पढ़ रही थी,लू और उमस से परेशान खिड़कियों पर परदे डाल रखे थे।बाहर का हाल बेहाल था, सूरज झुलसा देने वाली आग निकाल रहा था।शांत गर्मी की दोपहरी में बस पढ़ते पढ़ते कब आँख लग गई पता ही नहीं चला।कुछ देर बाद, एक ठंडे झोंके से जबContinue reading “वो पहली बारिश…”


Cruelty at its peak.This is our reality.Time has arrivedto think and think againwhy we are here.Do we really deserveto be living here?taking shelter,snaffling resources,and in the endnot even appreciatinga little,insteadbeing barbaric.Time has arrivedFor us to leave,we humans have crossed all the limits,in disrespecting our mother nature.We don’t deserve this home,this Earth.Disgraceful.Ashamed.Guilty.– Elysian Bookgraphy


Listen, passerineToday I will tell you a storyof a li’l girl, Lily.An orphan,A poor illiterate lass,Who used to sell roses on the streets.Met a man one monsoon,Who got plunged in to the sludge.Its irony,Literates kept on staring,No one helped,came down runningthe illiterate Lilyfor help,Gesture touches the man’s heart.Next day,the kind man came again,and took herContinue reading “Tête-à-Tête”