Weeping Democracy

Is this the END of Integrity? Is this the END of Equity? Is this the END of Morality? Is this the END of Democracy? And Most Importantly, What is the reward of following righteousness? What is the reward of performing goodness?  Maltreatment…? Harassment…? Persecution…? Where is the JUSTICE? Where is the LAW?  Virtuous, Right-minded man,Continue reading “Weeping Democracy”


Those words pierced deep inside,penetrating the heart,it hit further,injuring the soul. Often real cuts turnout to be not so malicious; unlike the harsh words which sunder and remains forever – Elysian Bookgraphy So, that’s it for today guys! Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts on this?


I think It’s a deja vuI am reliving all of it,this journey, my lifemy love and you,all of this.Stuck inside themaze of time,tried escaping,but can’t.There is no doorto exit, once youget in.Time, Time isvery bizarre, strangeand inexplicable.It was there, it is hereIt will be ahead.You can die,but you cannever be ableto subjugate it.It is God.GodContinue reading “Time”