Interviewed by Vijai K Sharma on his Blog

Hi Guys, hope you are doing well.Since the pandemic is not over yet please take extra precautions while going out and follow social distancing. If not necessary, avoid outings.Stay Safe, Stay Home!Today I am here, to share with you all, the link to my latest Interview. Recently, interviewed by Vijai K Sharma on his blog.Continue reading “Interviewed by Vijai K Sharma on his Blog”

Interviewed by Aakanksha Jain on her Blog Bookscharming

Hey guys, First of all a very Happy Women’s day to all the gorgeous ladies out there, you are beautiful. On this occasion of International Women’s Day… I am so excited to share this post with you all. Recently I was interviewed by a very well known book blogger Aakanksha Jain, the Author of “HowContinue reading “Interviewed by Aakanksha Jain on her Blog Bookscharming”