BOOK REVIEW: Lost In Wonder: Poems & Affirmations to Awaken the Soul by Matt Buonocore

Want to read a great poetry book for self help?Here it is, Lost in wonder by Matt Buonocore.I absolutely loved it. Soulful, spiritual, inspirational and beautifully written, this poetry collection has it all. An excellent piece of art.Highly recommend this to all. Rating: 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Book Review: Someday by Alison McGhee & Peter H Reynolds

A mother’s love will never end, it is there from the beginning to the end. Someday written by Alison McGhee & illustrated by Peter H. is a children’s book but in my opinion it is not just that, it is rather meant for adults. Someday is a beautiful book illustrating the journey of a humanContinue reading “Book Review: Someday by Alison McGhee & Peter H Reynolds”

Book Review: The Crow by her Window by A. K. Raj

An absolute eye opener for today’s world. It is a short and gripping read. Writing style is amazing and suspense building is great. The crow by her window deals with the concept of lack of proper relationship between parents and their children in our modern society. It will make you realize the importance of aContinue reading “Book Review: The Crow by her Window by A. K. Raj”

Book Review: The Ramayana Secret by Anurag Chandra.

“When darkness swept away the light, along came the saviour who put up a fight.”Ramayana, is a story which needs no introduction, most of us are familiar with the plot. It is an epic tale of Rama, the Ideal son & the ideal king, Sita, the ideal wife, Lakshman & Bharat the ideal brothers, Hanuman,Continue reading “Book Review: The Ramayana Secret by Anurag Chandra.”

Book Review: Petit à Petit by Ambica Uppal

Don’t go searching outside for the magic that you so preciously hold. Just look within yourself and scratch to dig into that pot of gold.”In tough times we need positive thoughts, which can inspire us to believe, hope and most importantly motivate us to live. Poetry can be subtly uplifting, and this book aptly justifiesContinue reading “Book Review: Petit à Petit by Ambica Uppal”

Book Review: The Girl Who Disappeared by Vikrant Khanna

Where is Nisha? The author of the bestselling book ‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much’, Vikrant Khanna, on this valentine’s day came up with his new release ‘The Girl Who Disappeared’. The story in the beginning is very interesting, really a page turner. The main characters Nisha and Rishi, a couple, are heading to theContinue reading “Book Review: The Girl Who Disappeared by Vikrant Khanna”

Book Review: Jaipur Journals by Namita Gokhale

Jaipur Journals, as the writer says “A Love Letter to the Greatest Literary Show on Earth…” is set in the background of the Jaipur literature festival. Namita Gokhale’s Jaipur Journals tells you the tales of her colourful cast of characters whose lives collide in a series of events during the festival.  Gokhale takes you toContinue reading “Book Review: Jaipur Journals by Namita Gokhale”

Book Review: The New Dress by Virginia Woolf.

“It was absurd to pretend it even—fashion meant cut, meant style, meant thirty guineas at least—but why not be original? Why not be herself, anyhow?”How much a perfect dress means to you?In this materialistic society there are many who want to look good by wearing costly and fashionable dresses just to impress others, they wearContinue reading “Book Review: The New Dress by Virginia Woolf.”

Book Review: Motivation 101: Ten Ways to Increase Your Daily Motivation (Paul G. Brodie)

What better time to read a book on motivation and being positive in life.During this period when almost the whole world is under lockdown and day by day its becoming frustrating and depressing, most of us need some motivation that keeps us going. So here I am recommending Motivation 101 by Paul G. Brodie. Paul,Continue reading “Book Review: Motivation 101: Ten Ways to Increase Your Daily Motivation (Paul G. Brodie)”

Book Review: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

When men and women are able to respect and accept their differences, then love has a chance to blossom.❤️-John GrayAlmost everyone would agree that men and women are different, how different is still undefined for most people. Not only do men and women communicate differently but they think, feel, perceive, respond, love and appreciate differently.Continue reading “Book Review: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”