Top 10 Books that I’ve read in 2020

It is the last post of this year, and what better day to post it. It’s 31’st Dec 2020.So the year 2020 is finally ending. We have suffered a lot. The pandemic spread, the lockdowns, that too almost for the whole year. At the same time, this year has also taught us to care aboutContinue reading “Top 10 Books that I’ve read in 2020”

Interview With Jenifer Kanin the Author of Unmasked

Have you ever thought, what do animals think about this world? What is their perspective?Writing itself is not an easy task to do, that too, about a story which is written through an animal’s perspective. This all together makes it more of a difficult job. Recently I read a book of the same genre, titledContinue reading “Interview With Jenifer Kanin the Author of Unmasked”

Books to Read during Christmas Holidays

Hi guys! It is Christmas eve 🎄✨. The most wonderful time of the year. I hope you all are doing well.This year has been tough, as the world has suffered a lot due to the Covid situation. Now when everyone was waiting for the vaccination process to begin, suddenly we are hearing news about Corona’sContinue reading “Books to Read during Christmas Holidays”

You Can’t Please Everyone..

If you are here to help others,for some, you will be generous.At the same point,for some, you will be vacuous, foolish.If you are busy minding your own business, by some, you will be called greedy, selfish, or some will tag you as hardworking & laborious.So what’s the real truth?The truth is: It doesn’t matter forContinue reading “You Can’t Please Everyone..”

Best Books to read by Indian Authors

Hello guys!!To all you Bookworms, Booklovers here, PAY ATTENTION!If you are still confused or don’t know where to start in Indian literature, this might help you. In this post, I am presenting you with a list of some of the best and the most loved books written by Indian Authors. Land of World’s Greatest Epics,Continue reading “Best Books to read by Indian Authors”


Today, once again, with my pen and paper, I sat down at my favorite spot, near the window of my flat, and began to ponder about what new I can write. Just then, saw those dry leaves falling from the tree. To where they are destined, I realized. Sometimes it is better not to decideContinue reading “Unplanned”

Interview with Amanda Maricia Raphael, the Author of Sakhi- A Tale of Her Secrets

Stories gain life when it is relatable, and life always surprises us with twists and turns, it is you who decides whether to enhance it or make it complex. – Amanda Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. Today, I am back with another Author Interview. Recently, I read a book called Sakhi. ItContinue reading “Interview with Amanda Maricia Raphael, the Author of Sakhi- A Tale of Her Secrets”


While watching the moon,  remembering him,  she takes a trip  down to memory lane.  Recollecting images  from the past,  she smiled; when they  were together. Concurrently, teardrops  came from her eyes, brought her  back to the present.  Where she is alone, when years have passed  since his demise. -Elysian Bookgraphy-

Do not Presume..

At times, marvellous, emotive,  Humane. At times, egregious,  Inhumane. A whole new experience, Altogether. Through the lane of words, Travel. Never surmise a book by its,  Cover. -Elysian Bookgraphy

Interview with Jerusha Mather the Author of ‘Burnt Bones and Beautiful Butterflies’

Hi everyone, today’s interview is really special. The author whom you are going to witness is an incredibly skilled person. Despite being diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, when doctors said that she would never be able to walk and talk, it is truly inspiring and impressive how she had overcome her difficulties and numerous obstaclesContinue reading “Interview with Jerusha Mather the Author of ‘Burnt Bones and Beautiful Butterflies’”