Book Review: “Til Death We Do Part” by Bruno Beaches

Life is so unpredictable. We desire something, plan something and get something else.
“Til Death We Do Part” by Bruno Beaches is a book that tells you a tale of such unpredictability of life in a meaningful way. Throughout the story, the author beautifully and very intelligently spread out an important message that doesn’t ever get too comfortable, so be always prepared for the best or the worst.

It is the story of Pablo, the protagonist, who is devoted to his work. A hardworking police officer, living his life peacefully with his wife Delilah and children. After years of success, he was waiting for his retirement. Although, he had no idea of what destiny had planned for him.

One day, a defamatory and malicious complaint was filed against him that seemed to be entirely fake and spurious. From that point, his perfect life completely changes, becomes miserable, and not just the professional but also the personal one.

The author presents you with a tragic and emotional journey that explores the complications of relationships, the differences, the emotions, simultaneously dealing with sensitive issues like drug addiction. I congratulate Bruno for coming up with such an engaging plot.

Although Pablo is the main character of the story, we also get to know the perspective of his wife, Delilah, and her feelings. It shows that the author has done a great job as he considered both sides.
A work of fiction with such deep writing, makes you feel for the characters involved. The characters not only connect with you but also become a part of your life.
While reading, you start keeping yourself in the place of characters and start asking yourself if you would have taken the same decisions if you were in their place. The story is also relatable and authentic. Surprisingly, the fiction here has brought out the true colours of life, its complexities, and beauty at the same time.
Written with such precision, that a modern human would relate to it and would learn how deeply life revolves around our relationships and selections we make in them. It is not just a simple story but a strong narration of human emotions.

The narration is easy to comprehend. At some parts it felt a little drag and slow-paced, apart from which this book is an amazing read, go for it.
I recommend this book to all.

Rating 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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