Book Review: Burnt Bones And Beautiful Butterflies by Jerusha Mather

“I don’t go home to a lover I go home to a room
Where memories and colours come alive
Perhaps I wasn’t born for another
Maybe I am wasting time within the ice-cold air
I put my wet flowers in the bin The war in my heart stops”

A poem straight from the heart, with the feeling bounded by emotions when poured on a paper in the form of words, leaves an impact on the person who reads it. Those words can strike you deeply, and you will get to know the writer’s state of mind, the circumstances, the tears, the joy of all that the poet has gone through.

Recently, I got a chance to read this book, which is a collection of poems called Burnt Bones and Beautiful Butterflies by Jerusha Mather, illustrated by David Kennett and Anjana Jain. The title of the book is unique and yes, it comprises burnt bones, like the hardships, failure, heartbreaks, at the same time, it also deals with the love, humanity, the care, and all those simple little things that make our life the beautiful butterflies.

Written with all her sincerity and honesty this collection is simple yet complex. The poems beautifully layout the poet’s idea of thinking and reflect her genuine emotion and passion.
She gave words, the wings to fly in the open sky, very high, very high.
No matter whatever the situation, there is always a ray of hope, all we have to do is to find that.

Rating 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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