Spooky Reads for Halloween by Ruskin Bond

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well.
Since you all know, it’s almost Halloween and this is the perfect time to read scary stories to get in to the mood and spirit of Halloween. So today, I am going to recommend some great spooky reads by Ruskin bond.
Lock your doors, settle down and grab one of these scary chilling read.
Happy Halloween!!
Scroll down to see the list:

The Wind on Haunted Hill

A Season of Ghosts

The Ruskin Bond Horror Omnibus

When Darkness Falls and Other Stories

When the Night Falls

A Face in the Dark

The House of Strange Stories

The Empty House

The Duel

Whispering In The Dark

Captain Young’s Ghost: Ghost stories from the Indian Hills

This is it.. Get spooked and have fun with lots of spooky stories and plenty of treats. Keep the lights on this night, because you never know what may be lurking in the dark. Happy Halloween to all.

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