Book Review: Sakhi- A Tale of Her Secrets

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Just wow. Loved it, absolutely brilliant!

Ok, there is so much to say about this book. Amanda has poured her heart out in the story. Beautifully narrated, with a touch of suspense, this story of “Sakhi the Tale of her Secrets” is a roller coaster ride of emotions.


All the places where the author takes you along through the pages of the book is described so originally that you can imagine each and every location especially the description of Tharavad (Malayalam word for ancestral home, usually used as the common house for the joint family system practised by people of Kerala, India).


Avantika, a simple college going girl whose life was going all good until she gets devastated by the news of her mother’s sudden demise. Not just that, a few days after the funeral she comes to know the truth about his father, that he is actually not her biological father.


Story takes a turn when Avantika goes to spend a vacation at her special friend Aaditya’s tharavad in Kerala. Mesmerised by the beauty of God’s own country; the culture and tradition she gets excited for being a part of all that. While staying there she discovers some hidden secrets which lead to the unveiling of her parentage.


As the story unfolds she finds herself amidst a giant jigsaw puzzle that she is left to solve on her own. Will she be able to place the pieces together? Or was it all orchestrated by the mastermind?


An engrossing, fascinating, thrilling journey which is full of emotions. There is love, there is passion and a captivating suspense that will make you gripped throughout. Sakhi will stay with you, long after you’ve read it. A must must read!!

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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