Voltage Down

Cover Pic of Voltage down by Elysian Bookgraphy

The shine was so bright, 
the public ran towards the light.
Followed the ray of stardom, 
imitating, idealizing, and deifying them.
O my Celebrities, O Celebrities, 
they sang in chorus.
Now in shock, 
the shine disappeared, 
the brightness gone.
It’s a
voltage down.
Today they regret
following that artificial light.
Ever thought of idealizing 
their own parents.
The real hero & heroine
the ‘Original Light’ of their life.

-Elysian Bookgraphy-

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. This is a quick post in the form of a poetry, in which I am sharing my thoughts on the ongoing drug controversy of Bollywood. Comment down, What are your views on this?

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