Book Review: The Overview Motel By Rohaan Ohlyan

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An absolute thriller. A fabulous read.

Have you ever thought of staying at the motel which is situated in the middle of nowhere? As you have no other option to pursue. And you start witnessing some inexplicable bizarre incidents.

Peter and Jack, two friends, during a heavy rain after their car got punctured, reach a motel, named The Overview Motel. They felt lucky that at least they got a place to pass the night. But they didn’t know that they were heading towards a vicious trap. In the course of time they start experiencing mysterious baffling events that are thoroughly impenetrable.

The author Rohaan Ohlyan takes you to a fast paced, pulsating and gripping adventurous journey which is full of hair-raising thrills. The plot is perfect and is brilliantly executed by the author. By each turning page, suspense grows furthermore; it keeps you on the edge. Rohaan did a fantastic job on the climax and the ending; I must congratulate him for that. Felt the same sort of excitement, while reading the last page, as I felt for the first.

This is unquestionably a great crime thriller. An Amazing read. Need to be more appreciated.

Read it, if you love reading thriller novels. You will not be disappointed. It’s totally worth reading.

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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