Book Review: Next Door by Blake Pierce

Cover pic of Book review of Next Door by Elysian Bookgraphy

Next Door by Blake Pierce is a complex mystery thriller. Chloe Fine, a FBI intern, moves back to her home town, into a new house with her fiance. Her career with the FBI looks promising, and her wedding is on the horizon.
But, she learns, all is not as it seems in suburbia. Chloe begins to see the underside, the gossip, the secrets, the lies and she finds herself haunted by her own demons; her mother’s mysterious death when she was 10, and her father’s imprisonment.
And when a fresh body is found, Chloe soon realizes that her past, and this small town, might hold the key to solving both.
The story is fast paced, interesting and has the ability to engage the reader. Great suspense building, also the climax was really unexpected. I certainly did not see it coming.
However, there are lot of things going on throughout, which makes no sense and some are slightly unbelievable.
Not so outstandingly amazing, but yes, with lots of twists and turns and shocking climax, this can be an enjoyable read.
Rating: 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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