Book Review: Express and Espresso by Arhaa

Cover pic of Book review: Express and Espresso by Elysian Bookgraphy

“If you always try to be the same individual and be cautious and on guard then you fail to live. Be interesting by changing colors as per your heart’s call.”

“Once we feel we belong to the same planet then no more wars to conquer the other geography becoz it’s yours already. This might reduce all the violence and cruel acts we here everyday.”

Express & Espresso by Arhaa is a beautifully written book about author’s 26 thoughts. The topics that are discussed here are all that you know of, but do not certainly understand.
This book elaborates these life changing thoughts in a very delightful way, to make you understand what is the true way to lead your life. Book is short and can be finished in a single sitting.
The author here, expressed her feelings and put forth her fresh perspective on the various topics which are needed to be discussed.
A Perfect read with a cup of coffee ☕️ Recommend this to all.

“Belief has the power to create hope. Ummeed pe toh duniya kayam hain!! It can create Aeroplane, Disneyland, Internet, Music,Jobs-only limited by one’s belief in his/her imagination that can rise to infinite ideas.”

 Rating: 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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