Interview with Kritika Agarwal, Author of Taare Banjaron ki chah me.

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Here’s a quick word with a young and inspiring author Kritika Agarwal. Read to know what inspires her to write and what advice she gave to writers who are looking to get their work published.

•For those who don’t know, could you start-off by telling us a little bit about you and your new book.
I am Kritika Agarwal.. I am an engineer and working in Pune as a software developer (like most of you :P). And I started feeling good about writing and had penning down my thoughts from around 4 years back, so since then I enjoy writing down my thoughts, poetries, shayaris.. and also have vivid love for nature.
So I have written this first book of mine named as taare banjaro ki chah me in hindi( poetry , shayari collection ), so its my debut book consisting of my feelings in the form of poems. It’s sum of the feelings that we all feel and while reading it you will surely say , yes i felt this too at some stage of my life. So, i hope you read and relate with the poetries and other sections of the book.

•How did you begin writing & How long have you been writing?
How did i began..
It was all just by chance or else by destiny ..
As I am very emotional and of Introvert nature , so emotions plays a very important part in my life.
So when Instagram was new for me, I started writing my captions ( short , long ,too long )
along with the pics of nature on my own , and then people started appreciating it and also i felt peace and good to share my feelings,thinking with all.( as my Insta page name says kthinksforife).
I never knew that doing this could make me discover something hidden about me. So during this time I also took part in poetry competitions and won from them , wrote articles for travel bloggers and from that time ppl felt the power of words and started recognizing it.
And thus I discovered something new about me that i never knew, and thought that I should continue to share feelings in form of words with everyone around. So, from around 4 years I am into writing , as I also feel happy while i am expressing my thoughts and from back then I always had this thought and dreamt about having my feelings to be printed in the form of book and thus kept doing it for my dream, satisfaction and happiness .

•What was your favourite part, and your least favourite part, of the publishing journey?
Favourite part is the first thought that came into my mind that said you should now start writing the book and the little, just lil less favourite part is about editing , as i was sure that i wanted to write in
hindi, so writing , editing all the words and paragraphs in hindi in laptop became bit challenging , but slowly managed it .

•What inspired you to write this book?
My dream of having my thoughts,feelings printed one day for ppl to read and recognize it.
We all have always heard “Fulfill your dreams” “work towards what you really feel like having” , but
not always we start working towards it.
So I am happy that this day came and I was able to do so.

•Can you name the poets whom you admire?
The poets/artist whom I admire is Rahat Indori ji, I admire how he blends deep meaning along with the fun elements in his work.
Paritosh tripathi , he always have something different and unique to write , the thing that we all
might haven’t focused on , he focuses on that.
Also, I admire Ayushman khurana.. he is multi talented and full of emotions to write down.
Paulo coelho, Rhonda Byrne for their motivational work, and I am into spiritual reading by sri sri ravi shankar ji, which provides peace and motivation a lot..
And every poem/write-up that reaches to heart and the one which makes you smile,think
is just adorable and thus makes the writer more adorable.

What’s your thought process behind a poem?
Mainly the central idea of it eg – fun, inspirational, or love.
Then comes, choosing of the words.

•How did you come up with the title of your book?
Title is chosen with the idea of fulfilling your dreams. Taare banjaro ki chah me –
If you are ready to explore different paths of life for your success and if you keep moving forward
for your dreams then stars (victory ) comes to you to search you.

•Are you on social media and can your readers interact with you?
Yes , they can interact and can collabrate too .
Insta – kthinksforlife fb – Kritika Agarwal

•Where can readers purchase your book?
The Paperback book is available on Notionpress(Publishing site), Amazon and ebook is also available on Kindle.

•Are you working on anything at the present would you like to share with your readers about that?
Currently not working with anything particular, but yes can share the thoughts, poems that I keep writing in my notes on my phone.
So this was written few days back keeping situation of covid19 in mind –
Can there be anything else on Social media about which we can talk?
Can there be some breathe of relief at least when we are here for a stroll?
Can we just ask our parents and siblings to not worry much?
Can we just keep them away by making them watch a movie or some relaxing stuff?

What are your favourite lines from the book?
There are many . For one specific – कहाँ तक जहाँ है… Kahan tak jahan hai – which describes how you and the entire galaxy relate with each other…

•Your Favourite book
Many, I like inspiring books more.. So, alchemist, God loves Fun.

•What do you like to do when you are not writing?
I Prefer traveling and love being with nature.

•What does success means to you?
I feel if you are doing what you want to do and if you have satisfaction in it then it is success for you.

Fun part:
Pick one
•Tea or coffee
•Text message or calls

•Movie or book

•Library or museum
•Reading or writing

•100 Social Media friends or 2 real life friends
2 real life friends
•Paperback or e-book


•And lastly, any top tips you’d like to share with other writers starting out?
If the writers are willing to start, then they should start writing the thoughts down and should analyse what they are good at. Should research on the same for the process of writing the book(if they are willing too) if not book, then too if you have something to share with the world then should just do it.As i am also a starter and if you are passionate for writing and if you feel good about it, then you should also do it to know the power of your words.

Thank you Kritika for giving your time.

Best Wishes for your future projects.

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