Who stole the life?

Cover pic of who stole the life by Elysian Bookgraphy

If you are alive, I must say you have the most precious thing
in your hand ; it is life.
‘As they say, ‘Jaan hai to Jahan hai’.
Now, Take a moment from your busy schedule, to Live.
Yes you heard it right,
To Live.
Live your life.
Must have forgotten, how to live?
Just rushing and crushing it,
Its time, its time that we should start living, living our lives to the fullest.
Speak up,
If you have anything that is sucking your soul,
Share, Raise your voice.
Don’t ignore your mental health.
Shout out loud
Cry your heart out
But don’t give up.
Life is Precious
Hold on
Hold on.
-Elysian bookgraphy-

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