My Lockdown Memories

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Unlock one has started, everything is opening again. We are now going back to the normal lives that we used to live before the Lockdown.
Everyone is happy, I am also happy.
But a part in me is sad, I don’t know about others, I don’t know whether it is normal or not, what if it’s only me who is feeling sad?
But why am I feeling it?
When on 24th March, PM Modi announced the full country Lockdown, I was like ‘oh no how can we live inside the house 24/7’. It will be so boring and a waste of time, no work, no money, no outings, nothing. But due to the pandemic, we all have to follow the rules of our Prime Minister to cope with it. One week into the Lockdown and I started waking up early for helping my mother in the household chores. Having early morning tea by the window with the birds chirping outside on the trees, with the beautiful rising sun meant to my morning routine, followed by various pointless discussions, laughing together, learning about my funny foolish childhood incidents that I almost have forgotten. Frankly, I started enjoying it, spending time with all the members of the family, then watching the news together, it was fun. Few more days into the Lockdown and we were blessed with the re-telecast of the Ramayana on Doordarshan. I can’t explain in words, watching Ramayana with the family during this Lockdown was something else, seriously this impacted us so deeply. It was not just a show, it was an emotion that somehow helped the public in dealing with the depression, negativity, and gave some positivity during the harsh phase of our lives. Record-breaking TRP was its proof that how everyone was enjoying it and watching with all their hearts. The Lockdown, the Janta Curfew, wo thali bjana sabka at 5 pm, that 9 pm wali Diwali.. I am never gonna forget those moments.
All these years, we all have been so busy in our lives, in our work, that we never thought that a forced Lockdown, because of a pandemic can make us realize that no matter how much we run for making money, work for being at number one, the all that matters, in the end, is a healthy life and the love of our family.
Perhaps, all these happy moments that I spent during the Lockdown are now going away and may be, that is what is making me a little emotional.
Gone are those days when we were under the Lockdown.
– Elysian Bookgraphy

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