Book Review: A Year of Wednesdays by Sonia Bahl

A year of Wednesdays Book review cover pic by Elysian bookgraphy

‘Ichi go ichi e’ (a Japanese term)- One time, one encounter, lasts a lifetime.

First of all, it is not a love story!!

A Year of Wednesdays by Sonia Bahl, is a unique story of two strangers, “Seat 7A” and “Seat 7B” of the flight from New Delhi to New York. They are poles apart from each other, have nothing in common, despite that, their one encounter changes everything forever.

During the journey they dive in to an endless conversation that even a fifteen hour journey seemed short for it. At the end of the journey, 7A invites 7B for a cup of espresso at the best coffee place in New York, an invitation that 7B directly declines, and both jump back in their dramatically different lives, leaving behind those wonderful 15 hours that they spent together in the plane.

Even though meeting in person ever again does not cross their minds, they remain connected via some extraordinary line of connection. One year since the meeting, the story unfolds slowly, with each Wednesday of the year alternating with the lives of seat 7A and 7B.

The only thing I disliked that the story is slow paced and it feels like it is little dragged during the middle part, where the reader starts lacking interest in the plot, however towards the end it is totally unputdownable. The twist was unexpected, heart wrenching and definitely emotionally engaging. Sonia Bahl takes you to an extraordinary journey of two strangers which is full of feels and emotions.I recommend this book to anyone who is looking forward to read something unique.
Rating 4/5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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