Book Review: The Crow by her Window by A. K. Raj

An absolute eye opener for today’s world. It is a short and gripping read. Writing style is amazing and suspense building is great. The crow by her window deals with the concept of lack of proper relationship between parents and their children in our modern society. It will make you realize the importance of a family, the love, the care a child needs that one should never ignore. This book also makes you realize that in spite of showing our fake relationships on social media platforms we need to make them valuable, make them worth in real life. It showcases the mentality and behavior of a teenager perfectly and also the nature of working parents. The author brilliantly depicts a picture of the current situation where the parents are getting so busy in their work lives that they are ignoring their children, rather unintentionally, but yes they are, which can lead to some unexpected tragic turn in their lives. The author gives a suspenseful plot to carry out a strong message. “Somewhere amidst all the chores and chaos, we are lost, and knowingly or unknowingly, we are all guilty. Eventually, we end up blaming the circumstances at work, parenting, education and other systems around us instead of trying to find a balance. If only each one of us understood the importance of this balance, perhaps we could have been there for each other more.”
Rating: 4/5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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