Book Review: The Ramayana Secret by Anurag Chandra.

The Ramayana secret by Anurag Chandra book review

“When darkness swept away the light, along came the saviour who put up a fight.”
Ramayana, is a story which needs no introduction, most of us are familiar with the plot. It is an epic tale of Rama, the Ideal son & the ideal king, Sita, the ideal wife, Lakshman & Bharat the ideal brothers, Hanuman, the ideal devotee and even Ravana the ideal demonic villain. This book is a retelling of The Ramayana. Author has given a new aspect to the original story and has divided the Earth in to an outer earth (Prithvi) & an inner Earth (Paatala) which is a kingdom named Agartha. Starting with the story of Ram’s ancestors the book continues in a swift pace and tells you some interesting secrets of the Ramayana, which you might have never heard before. The writing style is simple and easy. The chapters are short so you don’t feel bored or distracted, but the thing that lead me to not liking this book is that it lacks the grip. There is no character development. The secrets are revealed flatly & it seems like all of the characters are just doing whatever they want to do, as a result, the reader starts to lose the interest in the narration. For me this book can be a good start for a beginner to mythology but if you have read Amish’s work earlier you might not like it.
Rating: 2/5 ⭐️⭐️

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